Technology + Imagination = Technomagination


About Technomagination

We deliver creative solutions for our technology driven world.

A Waukesha, Wisconsin based company, Technomagination operates primarily in the greater Milwaukee area. We develop mobile apps that are used around the country and throughout the world.

Technomagination was founded in 2005 by William Welbes.

Technology + Imagination = Technomagination.

William Welbes

William Welbes

Founder & Principal Owner

Blog: [My UIViews]

A software engineer with experience developing a wide range of software solutions, Will has been innovating on iOS since Apple's launch of the iPhone SDK in 2008. With a passion for art, software engineering and user experience, Will brings his unique skills to take mobile concepts from idea to reality on the iPhone and iPad.

Technomagination, LLC was created to provide a business structure for what had already grown from a hobby into a business in 2005. He continues to grow the products and services offered by Technomagination as he transitioned to a full time focus in 2014.